DivingSmart buoys for port safety and environmental monitoring

Seahow by Hidrolab

Hidrolab smart buoys use Seahow buoys as a proven base to build upon. The robust and durable extruded polyethylene pipe body of Seahow buoys provides an extremely strong casing for all integrated devices. Digital sensors from OTT and other proven manufacturers provide a solid data gathering platform. Mobile data transmission devices log and send the data, which can be easily accessed and analyzed via an online platform.

Here at Hidrolab we understand the various needs of marine, port and open sea monitoring and we design and build our buoys accordingly.

Hidrolab smart buoys can be customized for different needs:

Smart buoys are traditionally equipped with sensors for:

  • Tide height, Wave height, Current speed, Current direction.

Hidrolab Smart buoys are additionally equipped with OTT HL4 or HL7 water quality sensors which measure:

  • Temperature, Conductivity, Depth, pH, Dissolved Oxygen (LDO), Turbidity, ORP, Clorophyll a, Blue-green algae, Rhodamine, Ammonium, Nitrate, Chloride.

For specific monitoring needs Hidrolab smart buoys can be equipped with additional sensors such as  Oil Spill (Crude, fine) monitoring and etc.

Hidrolab also provide online data logging, graphing platforms for quick and easy data monitoring.