WildlifeBird tracking


Tags and transmitters for bird tracking. There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing the best technology and equipment to monitor birds and bats. To ensure that you’re making the best choice for your study, we recommend that you speak with a Lotek representative.

Bird monitoring
bird tracking
bird tags

WildlifeAnimal tracking


Use one of the available satalitte tracking systems, to track animals (available satalite tracking systems - GPS, Argos, Iridium, Globalstar). Camera collars have a built-in video camera that allows you to capture footage from the field and see what your animals see in the wild.

animal tracking
animal tracking

WildlifeFish tracking


Geolocation tags for  fish. Geolocators are archival tags capable of measuring and storing data on light levels, and using that data to calculate the subject’s latitude and longitude using a process known as light-based geolocation.

fish tracking
electro fishing equipment

EnvironmentE-fish Electrofishing systems


The 500 Watt Backpack System from E-Fish is a complete electrofishing solution in one 'easy to transport' box. Compact, portable and rugged, the system been engineered with the user in mind; from quick change battery modules, a comfortable and ergonomic harness and anode grip, smart tilt and safety sensors and a simple yet intuitive control interface.

WildlifeHydroacoustic solutions


BioSonics offers the widest range of hydroacoustic solutions for resource managers, researchers, and regulatory agencies worldwide. BioSonics hydroacoustic hardware, software and accessories are field-proven, versatile, and optimized for maximum flexibility, reliability and ease of operation.

portable echosounder
Portable echosounder

EnvironmentEchosounder and sonar data processing


Echoview® is a mature and trusted Windows-based software program that is unsurpassed in its scope, power and flexibility, making it the software of choice for hydroacoustic processing

Echoview software