Highly customizable and adaptable military laser training system for tactical force on force and special operations training.  TAC 17 offers bulletless training with real-time data gathering and analysis. It can be used with almost all existing gear as well as customized for nonstandard applications.

Hidrolab smart buoy deployment

Hidrolab Smart buoys offer an excellent way to monitor port and marine territories. Buoys track and deliver Realtime data to an online app for quick and easy data charting and analysis. Hidrolab buoys can be additionally equipped with water quality and other sensors for more specific environmental monitoring tasks. We use state of the art Seahow buoys as our base as they are built to cope with most challenging sea environments. 

Please stay safe on water

Searching for drowned people is a hard task, and Hidrolab takes part in several such missions throughout the year. Almost all found victims have violented their own safety by not wearing a life-vest, which in most cases would have definitely saved their lives. Please stay safe. 

The only Suex Military Baltics distributor since april 2021

Hidrolab is now the only distributor of  Suex Military line diving vehicles in Baltics. The Suex Military Advanced Diving Vehicles represent the cutting-edge technology of underwater mobility. Performance, reliability, maneuverability, complete…

Underwater investigations

When people go missing it is never an easy thing, sure there is the occasional joy when they are found safe and sound, but in most situations that is not the case, at least not in situations involving water. When we set out to a location for scanning, it is always clear that we are searching for a drowned person.