OTT Hydromet

Member of Hach Company, helps water resource professionals generate reliable data throughout the entire water cycle.




Intelligent meteorological sensors, forms the basis of highly available measuring networks along roads, rail and at airports all over the world.




Innovative, reliable, robust and quality hydrologic, meteorological and oceanic real time data collection and control products, systems, software and services.


 Other products Rinntech


Well-engineered technology and comprehensive services for your specific requirements in tree and wood analysis.




Fish & wildlife monitoring systems which allow to track animals, birds and fish of almost any size, in almost any environment.


 Hemisphere GNSS

Hemisphere GNSS is a leader in high-performance satellite positioning with a strong technology foundation and a focus on innovation.




Products for offshore, subsea and commercial diving at an affordable cost without comprising on quality or function




Products for military divers, offshore and marine scientific communities, search and rescue teams, commercial and military aviation and more.




Underwater security, sonar and acoustic-based systems for the commercial, energy, defense, and homeland security markets.




Software package for hydroacoustic data processing, delivering powerful and flexible capabilities for water-column and bottom echosounder and sonar data processing.




Widest range of scientific echosounder systems for fisheries research and aquatic habitat assessment and mapping.




Design and production of equipment to assist with electrofishing, survey work and fisheries management.