For handheld Oculus sonar deployment from boats, docks, piers, etc..
Compatible with Blueprint Subsea Oculus sonar models: M370s, M750d, M1200d

  • Made from: aircraft-grade anodized aluminium
  • Lifetime warranty

Quick release and quick angle adjustment

  • Spring-loaded quick release mechanism to separate cage from pole,
  • Release tightening lever, adjust angle, and tighten the lever.

Quick pole length adjustment

  • Pole length can be extended with additional middle sections,
  • Pole section length - typically 1m sections, can be changed according to requirements.

Cable management

  • Secure cable management: Easy and fast cable attachment and detachment.
  • Sonar cable is securely locked on pole, removing stress on sonar cable connector and allowing easy manipulation of the system.

Key features:

  • Strong and sturdy cage for sonar mounting
  • Secure and easy cable management
  • Quick release mechanism for pole and cage
  • Quick and easy pole length adjustment
  • Quick sonar cage angle adjustment
  • Pole section length - typically 1m sections,  can be changed according to requirements
Oculus sonar mount
Oculus sonar mount