Discover the NEW LUFFT WS100

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Fast, safe & maintenance-free: The WS100 radar precipitation sensor in use 


The Lufft WS100 is maintenance-free radar precipitation sensor for hydro-meteorological monitoring. The only one of its kind – it recognizes the type and amount of precipitation from the first drop, and is preferred for remote locations.


WHY WS100?

The WS100 helps to make important operational decisions within a few seconds. With its modern radar technology and fast response rate, it detects precipitation from the first drop. This sensor is ideal for immediate detection of a precipitation event and highly suitable for urban hydrology and dense precipitation networks.



Maintenance-free operation through ingenious technology without any moving parts. This distinguishes the sensor significantly from other methods for measuring precipitation such as the tipping bucket, the weighing principle or the optical method.



The WS100, with unprecedented speed, precisely measures precipitation from the first drop. It measures the precipitation intensity up to 7.9 inches per hour and detects drops with a size of up to 0.2 inch.



Using a 24-GHz Doppler radar, it measures the speed of all forms of condensed water that can be observed on the Earth’s surface or in the atmosphere. These include rain, freezing rain, hail, snow and sleet.


Download the Lufft WS100 Sensor Guide for a technical overview of the NEW WS100 radar precipitation sensor.